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Specialty Fences

We are experts in specialty fence design and installation. Our helpful and experienced staff are at your service for a variety of specific needs including:

Rakable All-Terrain Fences – Ideal for sloped lots, pool fences and playgrounds

Our rakable all terrain fence systems can be installed on top of a slope or at an incline to follow the topology of your land. Choose from wood, vinyl, or a galvanized steel fence system designed to meet pool and playground safety codes and regulations.

Sound Barrier Fences – Keep the sights, and the sounds away

Sound barrier fence systems are designed specifically to keep the noise out. With an overall density of more than 4 pounds per square foot, these privacy fences deliver excellent noise reduction performance. When installed with its custom polystyrene foam inserts, the system will yield a noise reduction of 32 decibels (STC32) – a value that is only bettered by solid concrete wall systems. Maintenance is minimal as the vinyl fence system will not corrode, decay, rust or rot, and rain will wash away any accumulated residue.

Sound barrier fences are available in several stock colours, heights and dimensions.

Chain Link Kennels – A safe place for your pets

If you’re looking for an uncompromisingly strong structure for your pet, consider a premium chain link kennel. They are designed for the maximum in security and can be sized specifically to fit your pet’s needs. Unlike lower quality structures, the kennels we offer are made to resist intruders and keep your pet safe at all times.

Modular Storage – Added Security

Chain link fence solutions are also ideal if you require top quality secure storage modules. We can design a chain link fence for these uses:

  • interior storage lockers in buildings and condos where theft can be an issue
  • outside storage containers
  • securing confined areas on your property


Total Fence offers expert installation. Our certified staff can design, install, service and maintain your new fence. When choosing or replacing a fence, our specialists can assess your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

Contact us, visit our online gallery, or visit our showroom today!